The Commission Process

1. Send me an email describing the project you have in mind. Some things you might want to include are:

2. We'll discuss the details of your project. Then, I'll send you a quote and an estimated timeline. (Note: The quoted price doesn't include shipping or framing. Please bring your piece to a professional framer for best results.)

3. Once you approve the budget and timeframe, I'll begin work on the painting. I require a nonrefundable down payment of 40% of the total price to begin work. This will cover the cost of materials and my time. Once I receive the payment, I will purchase any special materials (if needed) and start working on your painting.

4. I will send you weekly updates to show you how the project is developing.

5. When the work is complete, I will notify you and send you a final image. At this point, the final payment is due. Once payment is received in full, your piece is ready for shipment or in-person pick-up.

General Guidelines


Smaller, less complex works will average about two weeks. Large, complex oil paintings can take up to two months to complete.


Please see the artwork available on my website for a general idea of what I do. I'm primarily a painter, but I also make mixed-media collages and assemblages.

I can paint something similar to something I've done before, but I don't make exact copies of previous work. Each piece you commission from me is an original work.

My strengths are abstraction and stylized landscapes, but if you want something similar to my illustration work, we can discuss it.


Pricing is dependent on materials, size, and complexity of your project. Smaller, less labor-intensive works will generally cost less than large, complex pieces.


I'm willing to use the shipping method you're most comfortable with. If the work is very large, I'll have to use an art handling company. If I'm arranging shipping, I'll send you a shipping estimate.


As the owner, you have the right to resell or donate the work.

I hold all copyrights to the work. This means I can make and sell prints, show it in galleries and portfolios online and off.

You may not sell reproductions or use it for commercial use.